Our first day was a mix of first impressions, socialising, emotions and fun. We woke up early because we did not want to be late on our first day. Me and my roommate were very curious what a Bulgarian school looks like, and if the system is the same. Our host family made ” baniza” for breakfast, a kind of pie. It was delicious! We went to school by taxi. It was a short ride; 5-10 min. Maria, (the girl who was hosting me and my polish friend) asked us a lot of questions about our country during the ride. I was impressed when she told us about her school. It is a school for people who want to be a business(wo)man in the future. Once we got out of the car, we were standing in front of a small, grey building with tons of teenagers and kids around it. We went inside and waited for everybody to come. The Bulgarian people were very kind; they put on traditional clothes and gave us “pita” a kind of bread with honey and pepper. After that, they led us to the library. It was very crowded: teachers, Bulgarians, students, Turkish people, Greek people, Spanish people… In the library, we received a name badge and a plan of the things we were about to do. After that, everybody sat down and showed their presentations. I have to admit, that part was a bit boring. We had lunch and continued. Then, we played a game; we were separated in international teams and had to find all the traditional things of a country. Once we were done we started to talk with everyone. There were a lot of interesting people! We talked, added each other on Facebook, told about our countries, laughed,… everybody was very nice and generous. I was very tired when we got home, so I fell asleep fast.


DAY 2  


On Tuesday, we were going to go on a little trip to Tryan, Turnovo and Lovetch. I was pretty excited. We went by bus. Our first stop was Lovetch. There, we visited a famous wooden bridge, with a lot of souvenir shops. I bought a “marteniza” ( a small red-white bracelet). We took some pretty photos and continued our trip. The next stop was a city called Turnovo. It was getting pretty hot by the way, 20°! We visited a beautiful church near a river. After that, we had some free time. The polish squad (me, Dominik and Zuza) was getting hungry. We decided to eat lunch in a pizzeria. It was delicious. I ordered a salad. We wanted a dessert so went to a shop with a Bulgarian girl. Guess what? We found polish candy! We all bought something and hid to the bus stop. The trip continued and we travelled to Tryan. Unluckily, I did not feel so well so I stayed on the bus. I slept a bit and felt better soon. When the tour was over, we went back to Pleven. I have to say, on the second day everyone was a bit shyer. Everyone stuck in their national groups. After the trip, we went home. But Maria had a surprise: we were going to a restaurant with the Spanish girls! It was a really nice evening. We talked and got to know each other. They were very funny and.. Wild. I ordered spaghetti with spinach. After that, we went home. Me and Zuza (my roommate) were very fulfilled because of the enormous portions. When we got home we had a shower and fell asleep.


DAY 3   


Happy Baba Marta! Baba Marta is a holiday on with we welcome the spring. When we got up, our host family gave us 2 beautiful “martenizas” (a red-white bracelet). That was very kind of them. We had breakfast and dressed up. As usually, the taxi was waiting and brought us to school. Once we were there, EVERYONE gave us a “marteniza”! Everyone was happy and generous. There was also a table with things to make your own “marteniza”.  I have never had so many bracelets on my arm! I made a few “martenizas” and gave it to the Spanish girls, a few Bulgarians and the Greeks. I wanted to make more, but we had to sit down. For the next hour, we watched presentations about spring holiday. It was very interesting. After that, we were going to participate lessons! There were 6 subjects: English, Bulgarian language, history, geography, PE and IT. We didn’t get to choose which subject we wanted, but as for me, everything sounded great except for history. So, what subject did we get? History! We went to the classroom and started. You know what? It was actually quite fun! The time flight past and went back downstairs. After that, a teacher had a speech. He told us that there were only 2,5 days left and he told us about the purpose of this journey: to make international friends. But as for now, everyone was sticking to his own national group. I think everyone opened his eyes at that moment. Next, we had a karaoke! It was really cool and some people actually sing great.  Then we had some free time and played volleyball with all the exchange students. After that, we went to the panorama museum and to the wine museum by bus. In the bus, everyone was getting more relaxed and began to talk to everyone. The museums were amazing! To celebrate Baba Marta, Maria took us to another restaurant, with the Spanish girls, the Turkish girls and their host families. Everyone was so nice, we had a wonderful evening. Then we went back home and fell asleep.




 On Thursday we had to get up very early because we were going to.. Sofia! The bus ride was long, but time flies when you’re in good company. We arrived at  +-10.30 o clock. We went for a very long walk and saw a lot of important monuments, buildings and places. Everyone was social; Then we went to a mall. Me, Zuza, Dominik, Andreas (a greek guy) and Bibi ( a Bulgarian girl) walked together. It was an amazing afternoon; the mall was huge, the food was good and the shops were big. We went to Terranova, bijou Brigitte, Dunkin donuts,… After that, we went to an arcade and played air hockey. We were almost too late for our bus! We went to an enormous historical museum. It was a very interesting, awesome day. Our bus ride was actually a kind of disco, Everyone was dancing, singing, making jokes,… We had to stop because one girl could not breathe anymore. When we got home, I totally forgot about Maria’s mum birthday! The Spanish girls and their host family went to our apartment and we ate a lot, sang happy birthday,… I enjoyed it very much. W fell asleep right after the girl left.

DAY 5 


Friday was the last day. It was a calm day, too. We went to school very late, because we were tired after yesterday. everyone was a little bit sad because tonight everyone was going to leave. We wanted to make this day as nice as possible. Today, the winner of the photo contest was going to be announced! Everyone was showing their pictures and told why they chose this picture. All of them were so beautiful! The winners were… Andreas and a Bulgarian boy! I was so proud of them! Then, we earned our certificates and went to a cafe with the Turkish girls and boy, the Spanish girls and their host families. After that, we went home to prepare ourselves for the dinner party. Everyone looked gorgeous! There was live music, good food and all of our friends. We danced a lot, talked about the journey, made jokes,… It was such a great evening! But, at the end, everyone was getting sad. Everyone cried, said their goodbyes, hugged,… It was so sad! We sang “see you again” and went home. That evening was one of the most beautiful even in my life. The whole week was one of the most beautiful evenings in my life! It was such a great experience… it’s the people I will remember most. All those participants were so great… I made friends I’m going to remember my whole life! This spring, I’m going to Greece and Spain, so I hope I’ll see them again. They’re coming to Poland, too. We made a Facebook group “ the sexy Erasmus team”.



Me, Zuza and Dominik had to stay 1 day longer than the others. When I got here, I thought that is awesome, but it’s actually really stupid; everyone is gone… We went for a walk (24 km!!!) and bought some souvenirs. It was a really calm day, nothing special happened. We had to pack our things and buy some food for the travel in a supermarket. The walk was really long, I was getting pretty tired. We talked about our week and had lunch in a mall. then went back home. We said our goodbyes to our host family and fell asleep.