The best moments of the trip to Spain with Erasmus




On Tuesday – Cordoba, Mosque and Real Alcazar – a huge garden with a lot of plants, palms and fortifications. On Wednesday – Sewilla – the capital city of Andalusia, the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, Real Alazacar, Plaza de Espana – famous Spanish square. On Thursday- hiking route on the mountains Sierra Morena. It was wonderful and interesting sightseeing!



I’m very happy and glad that I met people from over the world – Turkey, Greece, Slovakia,mItaly, Bulgaria . I reminisce Turkish and Greek girls the most but others students were very nice andnfriendly for my and my friends from Poland. My host family was very kind and welcoming for me. Spanish people were talkative and sociable.  I was lucky that I met foreign students and found out facts and information about different countries and cultures. I hope that I visit my new friends in the nearthest future.



My trip to Spain was unforgettable experience. During that voyage I felt summer for all winter in my country. I visit impressive monuments and grand colorful gardens. I saw a lot of things which I didn’t have occasion to see in Poland. I was able to pratice English with peers. I tasted regional, handmade dishes like paella and tortilla. I had an opportunity to live in foreign host family which was incredible and totaly new adventure. My part in Erasmus+ allowed to do networking and visit my new friends in the nearthest future. I was proud that I showed my culture and I represented my country among others.


Souvenirs of Spain