Karina K

18th November- Sunday

Me, my friend Sofia with my two teachers from our school were picked up in the airport by the host families. From the first sight I started to like my partner- Vanessa because she looked so nice and friendly and she truly was. She came with her dad and we went by her dad’s car to their home. They live at really nice neighborhood in Santeramo in Colle. Vanessa has a brother and a sister Sabrina. Inside the house it was pretty too. I went with Vanessa to the bar and we ate croissants and drank coffee and after that we were walking around and I really loved her neighborhood. We came by to a park which was in her town. People seemed to be so nice and friendly too. I also saw something interesting. It was someone’s funeral and there were a lot of musicians who wore beautiful clothes and played the instruments to give the host to this person. We came back home after few hours and ate family dinner. And later by the evening both of us- me and Vanessa went out with her friends. It was such an amazing evening. Their English wasn’t good enough to talk but we could communicate and even though I had fun.  We ate frozen yoghurts and bread with chicken and fries and it was so delicious ! I also met the cutest dog ever named Zoe. I was so tired because we came back home late and I went to bed.

19th November- Saturday

This day we relaxed. I watched films with my partner and I liked it too. As the first day we ate family lunch and this time it was lazanie, which I liked so much! Her mum is a really good cooker. At the evening we came to amazing town- Madera. It is a really historical place with an amazing vievs which I think everyone should see. We were walking around and it was so cold by the way.  


20th November- Monday

This day was a school day. We had an opportunity to meet each other because there were people from a lot of countries. People from Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and of course Italy and Poland. We did presentations of Italian culture, italian artists and more. We played geography game about Italy too. It was really funny and nice experience to meet each other. There was also a coffee break and lunch at the school. We ate pizza, dumplings with mozzarella which I totally miss right now. We visited Acquaviva delle Fonti and watched some monuments which interested me a lot. I love architecture of Italian buildings. We also met with the Mayor which was a pleasure for me. We have even our own photo with him! There was some free time and later we came home.


21st November- Tuesday

I came with Vanessa to the bus. We were practically late! But happily we got the bus and got to school. At 8:30 we had a trip to Lecce a nice place witch beautiful houses. Later we went to Salento and then Otranto so we were at three places.  I loved the vievs at the seaside.

22nd November- Wednesday

It was a school day. It should be mentioned that the school which my partner  goes to is an art school. So this day we did handicrafts which was a really nice experience. You can learn how to be patient by doing this stuffs! After this I even started to like art! People from this school were really talented. I could see the art from their sight. After an hour there was another hour which we had a story of art with one of the teachers from this school. She was a  really nice person and I could see on her face that she really loves what she does and she was talking to us with big intrusion. She showed me the other side of art and now I look at this topic in much different way. I totally liked this day and these experiences. We also had a lunch at school and later there was a free time. We went with Vanessa’s friends. We definitely liked each other. Even though they couldn’t speak English well  they were really friendly so it wasn’t bad thing for me. We went for a coffee. Actually italian coffee- cappuccino was really tasty for me and it was a little bit different than polish one. After this we came to eat pizza with the whole group.  I love how it tasted. It was so healthy and delicious too. We all talked a lot and had fun. After this tiring day we came back homes and went immediately to beds.



23th November- Thursday

We had a trip to Alberobello, little town witch beautiful vievs. We watched typical Apulian homes. There were lots of white homes which I was compering to Greece all the time but it looked so beautiful. After that we came to Polignano In the evening Vanessa’s dad dropped us to the shopping Centre where we met all together and had time to do shopping. After that we came to Mc’ Donald’s talked and have fun and after that we came back homes.


24th November- Friday

It was the last day so we spent it all together at school. It was a party day. I started the day with Vanessa as always. We got up, ate breakfast which was cookies with a coffee and went as fast as we could for the bus. The first thing we did at the school were doing some presentations about the perspectives and we were discussing about the weather, food, culture and famous places in each country. I think it was educational thing and we could find out more about each country who were taking part in the project. After that we also did street games. Our country- Poland presented Polonez- traditional polish dance. After an hour we had a coffee break and later a lunch. I ate lazania. I truly miss italian food right now. We also learnt how to dance traditional Apulian dance- “la pizzica” and after that we sang karaoke. Later we had a free time. We came to the bar drank  coffee and ate ice cream. As I mentioned before it was the last day to everyone here so we had a party at 9 pm to 11. We had a huge room and we were dancing, talking and joking. It was really fun. It was a sad day. At the end of the party we said goodbye to each other and got home.

I think that this experience was great for me. I had  the opportunity to know the people from all around the world, opportunity  to speak English, to know more when it comes to culture and to see another places in the world. Also I really loved italian food. The people were so nice and friendly too. I think I will miss Italy and I think that if I could I would definitely want to live there. I’m going to learn this language in the future because I really love it! I will never forget this.