A Project Song

I’ll build a bridge (Lyrics)

 Zaadoptopwano melodię i napisano słowa do piosenki projektowej. Efekty poniżej.

I’LL BUILD A BRIDGE (John Arapkoules)

There’s a castle somewhere on the mountains

That is built on a high, sharp rock

So hard to get there, I’m in despair

You’re locked inside and there’s no door


I have run around the country

I have asked every single man

None can tell, there is no spell

to fly and reach you, how I can?


But I’ll build a bridge

I’ll build a bridge

When the sun goes down, when you hear no sound

I’ll walk it and I’ll be there

I’ll build a bridge


There’s a fountain on an island

In the middle of a haunted sea

You were born on it, and you don’t know me

But I loved you since the earth has been


I have sailed around the water

I have hired all sailors and dwarves

No way to swim, no one can beat

The monsters with the poisonous darts


But I’ll build a bridge…