My diary


Arrival day

Our trip started on Sunday morning from our home town. Then we went to the airport by bus. Our flight took about two hours. At the airport my host family was waiting for me. In fact we had known each other for about a month because we were chatting.  When we’ve arrived we sat for dinner, took quick shower and went to bed. It was very exiting day and also very exhausting because of the journey.

Day 1

We’ve met Erasmus group at school. Every country had to show presentation about their culture and traditions. Also about the school they go to and the city they live in. Then we had workshops. We were preparing figures of the Greek shadow theatre. After that we saw a play of karagiozhs. After school we went to Piraeus to have a coffee and then we went to the beach where we took photos of us and the beautiful view. Then we came back to school and were preparing for the Wednesday show.


Day 2

We went to Acropolis and the New Museum. Views were awesome. Then we had lunch at a tradinational tavern in Monastiraki. We ordered souvlaki  of course J.  Lunch was delicious.  After that we returned to Perama and were hanging out with ourselfs.


Day 3

We visited a shipyard in Perama. We had occasion to see really beautiful and awesome ships. Then we had trip with a boat along the area of the sea-battle of Salamis in 480b.c. After that went out for lunch and spent time together. At evening we watched performance prepared by all the students.


Day 4

At that day we visited archaeological site of Epidaurus. Theatre made great impression on me. It was unbelievable to be there.


Day 5

The last day was the best for me. I realised how many amazing people I have met and how much important they are for me. After lessons at school me and my Polish friends took part in a concert also with Greek band. They were awesome. After dinner we went for a last walk. As time was passing I knew more and more that tomorrow everything will finish and I will go back to reality.


Departure day

It was really bad day for me. I was sad that I must leave these awesome people and such a beautiful country. At the airport I met Italian girls so it was happy situation. Most of the flight I was sleeping. Then we took bus to our hometown.