My Greek adventure


On Sunday (22.04.2018) me and other guys from Poland started our Greek adventure. I was really excited! We went to Warsaw by bus and then to Athenes by plane. That was first time when my friend was going somewhere by plane so I was scared with her too. After our flight we met our exchange students. My exchange student name is Nicki and she was really really nice. This day we went only for a walk and rest.


Next day we went to school, where we present our presentations about Poland, Puławy and our school. Next we had a small break and then we were making something for theatre. It was reqally difficult, but all of us had fun! Tnen we watched a “small theatre”, which was amazing. After that I went with Nicki sightseeing and then we returned to school because of  the theatre rehearsal. That was really good day. I met a lot of people with who contact I have to today.

On Tuesday  we went to the Athenes. We were in museums and we saw amazing prehistoric buildings. That was really interesting but the temperature was really high and sometimes we found it difficult to understand what our guide speak about. After that  day we went only to see Perama (place where was my guest house), because it was exhausted day.


On Wednesday we went for a  cruise. While we were theatre we could watch traditional Greek dances prepared by Greek students then they taught us them and we were dancing together!  When we finished our cruise we had a small break and… we went for the theatre performance. I was really excite and scared, because I played there too. But it was fantastic, I really enjoyed the atmosphere behind the stage. And it was amazing to see other actors on the backstage.


Next day we went to other city to see museum and old theatre. It was great to see that things because before that trip I could only see them in my history coursebook. It was a long trip to this city so in the bus we were singing, joking, learning some greek words and having a lot of fun.


On Friday we went to school and had some lessons in English ad in the evening… we had a supper in the restaurant with all people from projects. There we had to sum up our goals and what we learnt in Greece. Polish guys had to sing two songs and we were so stressed! But I think that it was a good performance because everyone was singing with us and every people had a lot of fun. But we had to say ‘’Goodbye”  to the others and we were crying ang hugging each others a lot… We didn’t want to come to Poland!

And the last day… I could only say “Goodbay” to Nicki and her family and we came to Poland. It was a long way. When we were in bus we were talking with each others and crying and showing our photos. We said that we were never forgot our adventure.

To sum up, that was really good experience. I saw how the greek life is looking. What students do in school. I could learnt some greek words and greek history. I tried new food and eat souvlaki  which was everywhere.  And of course I met new people. I promise them that I will go to Greece again and they promised me that they will go to Poland in future! I can write that it was the best week I all my life!!!