My diary from of journey to Spain


Three students and four teachers of our school were on a exchange with Spain on 15-20 February. It was really fun. I’m gonna tell you about it…

Sunday 15.02.2017

It was really exciting day. All of the time it was travel. About 6 AM students and teachers met in front of the school. I was really tired. At first we went by bus for three hours when we were to McDoland’s for lunch. At the airport we were about one and a half hour eralier than our flight. We bought the last gift for our partners, for example I bought a magnet with drawings ilustrate our capital city – Warsaw. I was borred so when we entered the plane I was happy ‘cause inside I could sleep. The flight was really long. It was ‘bout three and a half hour and it was borring so I went to sleep, but not only me. From the airport in Madrid we went to train station by bus. We had some free time so we could eat and drink something. A while before the train arrived we met Turkish girls which went by train with us. There we a talked a little bit with them. We arrived to Cordoba really late. It was dark but hot. In Poland it was snow, but there it was warm. At the train station our partners waited for us and we went by car with them. When we arrived to Villaviciosa – their village – we went to the kebab bar with Karina and her host family. We ate something and we talked a little bit with them, but Spanish girls didn’t talked good in English. Later we came to their houses, where we had a shower and went to the bed.

Monday 16.02.2017

Today morning we woke up about 7:30 and we ate breakfast while we talked. In Spain people eat cookies for breakfast. For me it was surprising. When we were ready we went to their school. There Spanish people had a lesson and we met with girls from oder countries. We were talking while our teachers came inside. Some time later we we had a walk in the school. Later we went culture house to see presentation of every country. Spanish peoples danced two dances and like every country showed a presentation. When it was time for a break we ate lunch and take photos with Turkish and Greece girls. For lunch it was different donuts. Later we went to olive fabric where a man told us aobut work in this place. After we came to school for a dinner. When we were full we went to place when we can see things needful to make a wine and then we saw the beautifull white horse. In this place we could taste a little bit wine. There was beautiful landscape. Later we came to our houses. The mother of my partner gave a delicious dinner which was traditional Spanish dish. Later I talked a little bit with my partner and went to bed.


Tuesday 17.02.2017

Like one day ago I woke up about 7:30 and I ate breakfast and I talked with my host family. Today we went to Cordoba. There we were divided into two groups. We saw La mesquita – muslim mosque. It was really beautifull and big. In the middle it was small fontain. Next it was lunch in the café. Later we saw the old town in Cordoba. It was beautifull old walls and big palm. After we camo to the restaurant for the dinner. We could it chicken or fish. It was really delicious. At last we visited Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. It was really beautifull building with most beautifuul gardens. It was big and wonderfull. We walked a lot of time. It was fun. When we saw everything we came to Villaviciosa and we came to our houses. We ate delicious supper and go to bed.


Wendsday 18.02.2017

Today we had to wake up earlier than yester day ‘cause we went to Sevilla. There we saw the beautifull old town. Those building was amazing. Next we went to Alcázar of Sevilla where we saw most beautifull and biger gardens than in Cordoba. It was a lot of palms and another exotic plants. It was big, beautifull and green, wonderfull and amazing. In my opinion it was the most fantastic place of all the journey. Next we have a lot of free time. We (girls from Poland) went to the clothes shops and to the Starbucks café. Later it was free time with teachers. We went with Turkish team. We ate donuts and we bought some souvenirs for our famillies. It was last time in Sevilla so we came back to Villaviciosa. We came to house and go to bed.


Thursday 19.02.2017

It was last day in Villaviciosa. In the morning, after big breakfast we were walking through the forest. It was tiresome and it wasn’t fun for me. It was the worst attraction of the exchange. It was cold and we walked a lot of time. We had only one short break for the lunch. When we finished the walk we went to the school for the dinner. It was typical Spanish dish – paella, it was delicious. Later we came to the house. When I was sitting in our room my teacher called me ‘cause we had to be in house of culture for finish of photo competition. Girl from Bulgaria win. It was last time with our friends. Every girl from Poland came to our house for goodbye party. When we were in the shop. There was waiting friends of our partners with gifts for us. They gave us wristlet, photo and cup. It was beutifull. Next we came to the bar with girls from Bulgaria. It was fun.


Friday 20.02.2017

We woke up really early. I was tired ‘cause yesterday i went to bed really late. We went to Cordoba with our host famillies. They waited with us in the train station. It was time to say goodbye. I was sad. In the train we were sleeping. Next we went by metro, by bus and at the airport we had a lot of free time. We bought last sweets for our famillies and we ate the dinner. In the plane we were slepping too. Last we went by bus to Pulawy. I was happy ‘cause I could see my familly. I was really tired , we arrived about 11pm, so everything I told them next day.