,,People don’t take trips, trips take people’’

-John Steinbeck


Our travel to Spain was really nice. Views from plane made that it was even more beautiful. Last part of our distance to Villaviciosa was very long. We were very tired but also excited. Our host families took us from the train station. We could watch Cordoba at night a bit.


On the first day we could saw traditional Spanish dance and culture of other countries, cities and schools. Then we went to the oil press in the village and wine cellar. We saw how the oil is made. Then we walked to the wine cellar where we could taste wine and saw how it is kept. 

On the second day we drove to Cordoba. It’s such a beautiful city. We saw Mosque and Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos and others. We could get some sun because in Poland it was snowing.


Next day we spent in Sevilla. We saw Alcazar and Plaza de Espana.  Sevilla it’s so magnificent. There are so many details on buildings. Tangerines trees enchanted me. In Alcazar aside from art and building we saw nature. Palms everywhere and shining sun made such a beautiful views.


On Thursday we were hiking. We could saw beautiful views around the village. My legs won’t forget it for sure. Then we could taste paella for lunch. In the afternoon we had a photographic contest. Everyone had to pick their favourite photo and say something about it.


Last day was the worst. We had to say goodbye to everyone… Then we drove to Cordoba and got on the train to the Madrid. When we had landed in Poland it was snowing again. We drove to our home town Puławy.


We tried a lot of typical Spanish food like churros or paella. Spanish kichen is quite interesting and I’m in love with paella!


Spanish people are so nice. I’m sure that I will remember this journey for a long time. I want to return there one day. I met a lot of people. My photos will remind me about this wonderful time that I had in Spain.

Karina S