My diary


Day 1

On the first day we had some time to settle in area. We woke up early and went to school, where we met students and teachers from different countries. There were also Bulgarian teenagers who were dressed in traditional clothes. They gave us some Bulgarian bread. It was so good. Then we could talk with other students. We talked about our hobbies, music etc. After that Bulgarians showed us their school – classrooms, library and gym. We played there volleyball, basketball and other games. It was very funny. Next we watched presentations, which prepared students from different countries. They were about history of country, the educational system, the traditional dishes and about the town, where the students from. It was interesting, because we could compare our traditions. About 12 o’clock we had a lunch. After that we played a game, which integrated us with students from different countries. We had to create the codex of friendship. Then we went to a city centre with other people. Maria bought for my friend and me tickets to the traditional music concert. We could see some traditional dances, songs and costumes. After that we went home, because we were tired.

Day 2

On Tuesday we had to get up early, because we went to a trip to Lovetch, Turnovo and Troyan. We went there by a bus. The first place we visited was Lovetch. We could see there the bridge over the Osum river. There was a lot of shops, which were selling souvenirs. Then we visited the church “St. 40 Martyrs” in Veliko Turnovo. After that we had free time. My friends and me went to pizzeria and ate lunch. Then we were sightseeing “The Dormition of the Mother of God” in Troyan Monastery. On the way back we all were tired. After our arrival to Pleven my friend and I went to the restaurant with students from Spain to eat the dinner. Everyone was happy. Then we went home and sleep.

Day 3

On the 1 of March Bulgaria celebrate the Baba Marta Holiday. On this day people give each other the red and white bracelets. During breakfast Maria’s family gave us traditional bracelets. We were happy. First we went to school. Everyone gave us red and white bracelets. At school we could make some martenitsas and give it to some students. Then was a presentation about this holiday in Bulgaria. It was interesting.  After that we could take part in karaoke or make some bracelts. More students decided to sing. After that we participated in history lesson. Next we visited the museum “Panorama-Pleven Epopee” and the Wine Museum. The Panorama was amazing. Then my friend and I went to the cafe, where we ate delicious cake and had great time.

Day 4

On Thursday we woke up earlier than on previous days. We met with students from other countries near a station and went to Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. We went there by bus. The journey was funny. We were listening to music, singing and taking the photos. In Sofia we visited cathedra temple „St. Alexander Nevski”. We could see the most popular places in Sofia, like: building of the Parliament, the monument of Tsar Presidency, the building of the Ministry Officials, the rotunda „St. George”, the statue of aya Sofia. After that we visited the archaeological museum. Then we had two hours of free time. During our free time we ate the dinner and went shopping. We spent time with students from Greece. Then we could visited the National Historical Museum, where we saw many exhibits. After our arrival to Pleven, we spent time with students from Spain on Maria’s mum birthday party. It was great time.


Day 5

Friday was the last day, which we could spend with students from other countries… . During breakfast Maria gave us small gifts. In school all of students and teachers awarded participation certificates. After that there was solution of the photo contest. All of the photos taken by students from different countries were amazing and beautiful. We could remember the events, which were happened during this week. The contest won our friend from Greece! We were very happy. Then we went to our homes. We met together in the restaurant, where we ate the dinner. We were dancing and laughing. Next we had time to say goodbye. We were crying. We couldn’t say goodbye. We were so sad.