Konkurs dotyczący historii i geografii krajów partnerskich

Ponad 100 uczniów z naszej szkoły wzięło udział w konkursie dotyczącym wiedzy o krajach partnerskich. Uczniowie odpowiadali online na pytania dotyczące krajów naszych partnerów.  W konkursie zwyciężyła Bułgaria.

Contest about Geography, History and Culture
CLIL as a Bridge to real life English

One of the outcomes of our project was conducting the test concerning Geography, History and Culture of the countries participating  in the project. Altogether  700 students (100 per country) took part in the test. Best results were achieved by the students of Bulgaria.

Contest – results



  1. Is the Catholic Church the major religion in Poland?    true/false
  2. Is Kraków the capital of Poland?    true/false
  3. Istanbul is the capitalcity of Turkey.    T/F
  4. Turkey is a member of EuropeanUnion.    T/F
  5. Spanish is not the only official languege in Spain    T/F
  6. Which is the most visited monument in Spain?
    a. The Mosque in Córdoba
    b. The Royal Palace in Madrid
    c. The Alhambra in Granada
  7. When  was the Acropolis built ?
    a) in the 5th century a.d
    b) In the 5th century b.c
    c) in the 15th century a.d
  8. Tourists prefer to visit Greece because of
    a) the islands
    b) the rivers
    c) the mountains
  9. Bulgarian is a Slavic language and the alphabet, used in the country since the 9th century is:
    a) Greek
    b) Cyrillic
    c) Latin
  10. The oldest gold treasure in the world was discovered in Bulgaria near:
    a) Vulchetrun
    b) Panagyuriste
    c) Varna
  11. Which Italian writer told about a journey to the “Hell” in his most important work?
    a) Giovanni Boccaccio
    b) Giacomo Leopardi
    c) Alessandro Manzoni
    d) Dante Alighieri
  12. Who painted the “Gioconda”?
    a) Caravaggio
    b) Raffaello
    c) Leonardo
    d) Michelangelo
  13. The longest river  in Slovakia is:
    a) Dunaj
    b) Váh
    c) Orava
    d) Ipeľ
  14. The castle in the picture is located in the city:
    a) Žilina
    b) Zvolen
    c) Bratislava
    d) Košice