Travel journal


Day 1

At the first day we had juat had meeting at the train station and accomodation, it wasn’t very exciting day.


Day 2

This day was more excitingbecause this day we metother participants we saw the history of othe countries takeing part in erasmus+, then we had lunch. After that we had some exercises about our countries. At he end of the day we had dinner with our partner’s familly and free time.


Day 3

At the third day wy had short educational trip all over the Bulgaria we sam many monuments and paintings there ex. „The Dormition of the Mother of God”.


Day 4

This day we spent at HSFM „Intellect” We have thaditios for their country for spring. This time we was doing traditional bracelets matenitsas. After everything we had dinned and free time.


Day 5

Last day in Bulgaria we had a trip around Pleven we had formally seen monuments in Pleven. After that we got our certificates and free time.