Journey Diary


Day 1 (22.04.2018)

My adventure In Greece started the previous evening when my host’s family  came to Athens airport  to pick me up to go  their home . I was so surprised seeing them all together. It was so kind that I felt like I’m the part of their Family. I also met another Greeks that were who come for Weronika Julia and Grzegorz they were  friendly but it was  late and we couldn’t talk long becouse we were exhausted after flight. To get to Perama( host’s hometown) we needed to drive for an hour but it took a bit longer, because they wanted to show me how beautiful are Athens at night. The view was unforgettable, no picture that I took can’t  express what I saw. During our night trip in Athens I learned a bit about Greek culture, my host’s family their school and Perama. They were asking  me about same things as well so we had a chance to know each other closer, having nice conversation. When we get home it was almost 2am I was very very very tired that I just ate salad that Irini prepared for me, took quick shower and fall asleep.

Day 2 (23.04.2018)

The next day I was awaken by the wonderful smell of coffee. Evi and Irini were still sleeping so I took a shower and have a talk with their parents, then I learned my first phrases in greek Kalimera that means good morning and  Pos eisai? that means how are you. When girls woke up we had breakfast all together and then we left to school. It was already quarter past eight, but the girls say that we are too early, because no one has been here yet. It was so strange to me but I stand with the Rest of the students for a Morning pray, later I joined my Polish friends and we went to the class to present our presentations about our countries, cities and schools. During the break we had some time to meet each other and eat some traditional Greek snacks. After the break we attended for puppetry workshops. Whe had a chance to make our own puppet for shadow theatre. Then we had a break for a lunch so we get back to our families. And in the evening we met All together at school again for theatre rehearsal.

Day 3 (24.04.2018)

On Tuesday we had a trip to Athens we visited the museum where we learned some interesting things about Ancient Greeks culture their architecture and art. Later, we went to see the ruins of the Parthenon. It was great to see all these buildings in reality. Our guide told us the legend of the origins of the city’s name, which comes from the Greek goddess of wisdom – Athens. Later we had some free time so we went to eat something and drink something cold because it was so hot outside. It was great to be with everyone. We were talking, singing and telling jokes. When we get back to Perama it was late so I just eat something and fell asleep immediately. It was exciting and exhausting day.



Day 4 (25.04.2018)

Wednesday was even hotter than Tuesday but we didn’t have to walk as much as in the previous day. This day we had a boat trip. We learned from our guide about the history and some wars that took place in Greece. On board was also a show of traditional Greek dances performed by students. We had the opportunity to learn them. It was harder than it seemed to be. After the lunch, we met all together in school teathre , to watch the performance that Greek students prepare for us in English. It was mix of acts from the greatest playwrights like Sofokles or Shakespeare. The actors were well prepared.

Day 5 (26.04.2018)

That day was another long journey, but this time we saw the archaeological site of Epidaurus, which we visited, and then a museum with statues and an ancient theater. It contains so many stairs, but we ran to the top to check the acoustics at the highest levels. The journey back was long and exhausting so many people fell asleep on the bus so we took some pictures of sleeping ones. In the evening I tried some traditional dishes that mother of my hot prepared for me. It was moussaka and some kind of spinach pie with feta cheese. It was delicious.

Day 6 (27.04.2018)

It’s our last day together. I woke up earlier to have a long conversation with girls and her parents. Later we got to school to make our journey diaries and attend physics lesson. It was very interesting. When we were done with school we decided to go swimming for last time. We had a great time at the beach. We weren’t only swimming but talking about our experience during Erasmus project, Greeks teach us some card games and some new words in Greek. We spent there about 5 hours and came back to our homes to get ready for a goodbye party. We had live music traditional Greek dishes and last conversations with our friend. Some of us were crying but we promised to keep a contact and if it’s possible come to meet each other again. In conclusion, the Erasmus project has given me not only knowledge about other nationalities of the European Union, but also new friends who I will never forget and friends for who I’ll miss.