Day 1 -November 18th 

My journey started the previous evening, with the meeting at 1a.m. In the morning we took a plane to Bari, Italy, and at 8a.m. I met my Italian family at the airport. We went home for breakfast, then we played cards and then I felt really tired so fell asleep. The dinner was delicious, with all the tasty food like ham and risotto.

Day 2, November 19th

After breakfast we went for a waking tour in Aquaviva delle Fonti, a charming place with a garden named after Garibaldi, a famous politician. Rosa, my host, showed me the city centre and some other interesting buildings. That was a nice, quiet day.

Day 3, November 20th

We had a great welcoming at school. The headmaster and teachers were really kind. We had presentations about history, art and geography of Italy, prepared by the students of all partners’ schools. Then we had some project works, puzzles, maps and regions with their most important monuments. We all learnt a lot thanks to those tasks.
The lunch was really great- we tasted typical dishes of the Apulia region. In our free time in the evening we met in a pizzeria Italiano, the visitors and their hosts. It was a noisy and multi-language meeting!



Day 4, 21st November

The day trip to Lecce and Otranto was quite tiring, as we spent a lot of time in a bus and then a few hours walking and sightseeing. It was worth seeing! I liked the old churches of Baroque and the Castle. After the trip my host family took me to Lassandro, a restaurant serving great meat and cheeses.



Day 5, 22nd November

The day started at 9. We worked in groups on the project activities: sculpturing, history of art and we watched a film about a famous performer, The Artist Is Present – performance of Marina Abramović.

We were lucky to have an opportunity to observe the Art Day at the school, full of  many activities, like dancing, karaoke singing an finally with a disco party.

Day 6, 23rd November

A day trip to Bari , via Alberobello. There we could see some characteristic old houses, Trullis. They made an impression on me. Then, in Bari we had a walk by the seashore of The Adriatic Sea.

We took photos, thousands of photos. We went back home late and I went straight to bed. I slept 9 hours



 Day 7, 24th November

We started with presentations titled Perspectives. Then there were each partner’s presentations-traditional games, a street game, a dance, handcraft-puppets, and a karaoke. After lunch we had a free time to spend within the school or with the host families. I met Annalisa , and her friend Irri from Greece and spent the afternoon with them, as Rosa was ill.


In the evening we had a farewell party, with music, dancing, chatting and tears when it was time to say goodbye. My plane was early in the morning so I had to get up at 4 a.m. At the airport we met the Spanish group, waiting for their delayed flight. By the way, we almost missed our one! But it’s a different story, not worth mentioning😊 The flight was ok, no turbulence, only Mr Lejwoda was fed up with my chatting.

This project visit will be in my memory forever. Here are some photos from the visit.