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Online Photographic Contest


Online Photographic Contest


– Each school is to choose 40 pictures and to send them via e-mail to the Coordinating school.

– One student can upload only ONE photo to the contest (it means 40 pictures from 40 students).

–  School coordinator collects all the photos and sends them collectively via e-mail.

– If there are more photos given in for the contest, School coordinator can organise a pre-contest to choose 40 best ones that will take part in the official online contest.

– The deadline for sending the photos is the 22nd May 2017.

– All photos are to represent the topic of the contest, which is “The landscape of my town”.

– Until the end of May 2017, an external jury will pick 5 best photos from each country.

– On the 1st of June 2017 an online poll will begin. Students from each partner school will vote for the best photo (out of those chosen by the jury).

– Students are not allowed to vote for the photos from their own country.

– Each country has maximum of 30 votes (if there are more votes from a country, only the first 30 votes will be accepted).

Photo Contest – Results

All the partner schools took part in the photo contest. Each country presented 5 photos of their countryside. There were 35 photos altogether. 210 students voted for the best photo.

Turkey is the winner. The photo received 17 votes. Congratulations!!!


Greece comes the second in the contest-16 votes.


Bulgaria comes the third in the contest-15 votes.



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