Zdj. pochodzi z : https://www.gddkia.gov.pl/pl/a/6530/obwodnica-pulaw-i-most-na-rzece-wisle-w-ciagu-drogi-ekspresowej-s12

Zdj. pochodzi z : https://www.gddkia.gov.pl/pl/a/6530/obwodnica-pulaw-i-most-na-rzece-wisle-w-ciagu-drogi-ekspresowej-s12


Erasmus – “Essay on bridge’s roles in a history/society/landscape”


Nowadays, many people think about the orifins of interpersonal Communications. Bridges have plaved an import ant role In this crucial step of creating social interactions for centurie. We can interpret the topic literally but also In the figurative sense. In my essay I’d like to point out some elements of my interpretation of both propen by historical and social facts.

Firstly, let’s fokus on history. On the one hand, many years ago the oldest tribes were building Bridges between lands for many reasons. For ex ample to start trading with another tribe by exchanging commodities. In addition, In many cases it resulted In the creation of New connections between tribes and New settlements. On the Rother hand some action brought about disagreements and as a result conflicts. Sometimes by misunderstandings Bridges which had been butli before Got destroyed by Wars. The main factors causing conflicts were : conquesting territories, imperializm Or colonial expansion. Moreover, the above-mentioned factors influence the destruction of many indigenous tribes which created the basics of society as wel as the first inventions. Nowadays, most of them do not exist anymore In our times.

Secondly, despite the differences In terms of personality, people can create strong interactions. These relations we can name as the bridge, chich connects, holds and keeps pe ople together In closer emotional touch. The most important factor affecting Communications In the language we use etery Day. International Communications i salso import ant to keep peace between them. It’s hard to know All the languages of the Word. To make Communications easier we learn English at school. We Reed to learn foreign languages too for our Comfort abroad.

To sum up, Bridges improved the quality of our life In society.